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AIMS #ThirstingForJustice INFO ACTION - Palestinian Access to Water Restricted


To draw attention to the lack of water in Palestine, AIMS' action group organised an information Action about this issue on April 18th based on Amnesty International's report "Thirsting for Justice":


Before the action took place, the action group organised a drawing competition of the action's title #ThirstingForJustice. These drawings were displayed at the action. Moreover, at the action, members handed out leaflets concerning the topic and made a photo booth to raise awareness to the fact that water is a universal human right.



Movies that Matter: Marmato



On April 13th AIMS screened a documentary called Marmato. It is about the Colombian town Marmato, which is home to one of the biggest gold reserves in the world. The inhabitants have dug for the gold themselves to make a living. But the indigenous people risk being displaced now that the government has sold the mines to a large corporation. It is an extraordinarily beautiful documentary about globalisation and gold fever versus a decent existence.


Our guest speaker was Constantijn van Artsen. He is a PHD fellow at the Institute for Corporate Law, Governance and Innovation Policies (ICGI). His research focuses on a critical examination of the role of self-interest in Corporate Law, Governance and Social Responsibility. He was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1987 and graduated cum laude in 2013 with an LL.M. Globalisation and Law – Corporate and Commercial Law. He has experience as a project manager and consultant in the field of corporate governance, risk management and internal controls

Collection Week



Once a year, Amnesty International collects donations to ensure that the government meets its international human rights obligations, respecting the human rights of refugees and asylum seekers, supporting countries with smaller sections to work with local organisations, respond to crisis such as recent civil unrest in Libya, etc. 


AIMS collected from March 1st-8th and manage to collect 900euros contributing to Maastricht's total of 14,000euros!!! 

Round table discussion: EU-Support for Israeli Occupation



The Debates and Lectures group organsied a discussion on the topic of EU-Support for Israeli Occupation’ as a follow-up event to the Actions group lecture to give everyone the space to develop their reflected and informed opinion on the topic.


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