Marketing Committee

The marketing committee will be the bond between you and Amnesty International. Through our social medias and website, we, the great team of Marketing will keep you informed of every event, project, podcast, stance and fight of Amnesty International. On top of offering you the informations and knowledge required to understand the world and it’s complex functioning, we will represent the key per in charge of the strategy of marketing and communicative side of our association, highlighting each project with visuals, posts and montages that will make you want to subscribe and to be part of Amnesty International. Also in charge of the release of the podcast and blog of this association, the Marketing Committee has proven itself as not necessary but also hard working and creative. The superb marketing committee and its entire team swear allegiance to information. If you know Amnesty International, it’s because you know our work.

If you want to take a look at what Marketing puts out feel free to check out our Instagram!