Social Events

Step into the heart of community engagement with the Social Events Committee at our Amnesty Association! We are the enthusiastic team dedicated to enriching our Amnesty community through a diverse array of social events and gatherings. Our mission extends beyond just organizing events; it’s about creating welcoming spaces for members to connect, share experiences, and bolster our collective commitment to human rights. Your involvement in the committee is invaluable in shaping these experiences, as you bring your unique perspective and creativity to every meeting and event.

As a committee member, you’ll play a crucial role in fostering inclusivity within our community. Our regular, well-organized meetings are platforms for brainstorming and implementing dynamic activities tailored for everyone. Participation offers you the chance to explore impactful activities, initiatives, and connect not only within our Amnesty community but also with other Internationals students associations. Join us in this vibrant, supportive, and active community. Your efforts, whether in organizing, creativity, or simply a desire to contribute, are essential to our mission. Together, we’ll create memorable experiences that bring joy, relaxation, and reinforce our bonds and commitment to human rights. Join us on this exciting journey, and help shape a community that champions justice, fairness, and solidarity, one event at a time!

Take a look at our past events
Wine and Paint in collaboration with Redonate Fundation


Friendship Bracelet Making Event